"Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Knowledge is limited.

Imagination encircles the world."

Albert Einstein

Lucila Di Lorenzo Etchepare

Multifaceted, self-taught, creative and innovative.

About me


Develop new skills learning something new every day. Make the most of my potential when facing and going through new challenges daily. Anticipate posible problems / errors and solve them.

Featured skills

I am a creative, spontaneous person and I am attracted to challenges.
I like to innovate, create, and experience new things.
I am multifaceted, with multiple interests, which led me to experience in various work areas.
Self-taught, adaptable to changes and organized.

My Skills

System management

I grew up with the computer boom. In my house there was always at least one PC that allowed me to investigate, learn and develop different capabilities. Over the years I have applied these capabilities in my work, from database management to defining systems for specific use. I have a developed ability to understand what the common user wants and "translate" so that the programmer understands to carry it out.


Nature is my passion and amazes me. I have always been a biologist, although obtaining my degree is still a goal to achieve. For almost 5 years I worked as a laboratory analyst in the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, in a biosafety laboratory level 2 (food microbiology). I learned techniques such as sowing in agar, and put into practice others that the theory knew thanks to the faculty, such as PCR and electrophoresis.


Since web design untill fashion design. I like that what I do is perfect, and it is essential for that the design accompanies the development. Creativity is indispensable in all areas, it allows me to concentrate, connect with myself and let out something unique that emerges from the depths of me.


My first approach to languages was my maternal grandmother, who speaks 7 languages. He taught me how to count in English and Basque. Over the years, I got used to watching series and movies with subtitles. From listening to the original language I incorporated vocabulary and idioms. Currently I found a system that allows me to study autonomously, strengthen what you learned and keep moving forward to achieve fluency in the use of Anglo-Saxon language.


Even for my daughter's birthday party, the organization is my starting point. For everything, especially for work, I use tools that allow me to carry out any project, whether personal or work, in a timely manner. The organization is for me the milestone in the route, it is essential and indispensable. No matter how long it takes me to build the milestones, they are what allow you to arrive on time and in good condition to any destination.


Without a doubt, the world is a great stage. My creative need always needs refuge in artistic expressions. Theater, music, sculpture, singing, crafts, sewing, and many others. Let the soul flow and translate it into reality. Strengthen interpersonal relationships by interpreting characters who are required to understand each other's point of view.


In addition to multiple academic, artistic and computer activities, I have a beautiful family. I got married 12 years ago. My husband is a wonderful man, with whom I share multiple interests. We grow together and accompany each other. We have a beautiful 1 year old daughter and plans to enlarge the family. I am always on the move, exploring activities, facing challenges. I have a restless mind, I need to learn, evolve. I always bet to be better than yesterday, to be a better person, a better woman, a better mother, a better wife, a better student, a better worker.

In an increasingly violent world, I strive every day to communicate with love and sweetness, not only with my family but in all my ties. When our daughter was in the belly, my husband and I decided to learn the positive discipline (respectful education) . Since then we strive to put it into practice, we grow daily as a family and as people, respecting each other and learning from each other.

Over the years I learned that mistakes are great teachers, and that learning from them is the best way to take advantage of them. For me, values, honesty, tenacity and resilience are very important.


This website is a presentation about my skills and experience, but it is not all that I experienced and learned over the years.

If you are interested in my profile, you can see my CV on LinkedIn or request it in PDF through the form, mail or social networks.